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Hello, my name is Jim Stilwell, and welcome to my online

inspirational art gallery.

You may have deliberately chosen to visit this sight or your search for inspirational art has brought you here. Either way please enjoy the tour. My goal is to evoke your spirit.

​We are all on a journey. We are all hero's; every man, woman and child  faced with challenges everyday whether it is tending to our life and family, heading off to work or school or just the act of surviving in this world.
A few years ago I had an amazing experience during a vision quest that changed the way I live my life and view others around me. Many of these images evolved from my experiences and others are articulated from fellow journeyers.
​I  create these painting in hope of inspiring others.

To learn more about me and my artist journey please visit Local Hearted for a podcast interview. This blog has many fine artist stories as well that will be of interest to all creative people.

I use symbolism in much of my art as emotions are not always tangable and metaphor can say a great deal.

I also use art to bring light to issues like the human condition and our environment.

I am proud to be heading up an all volunteer project at the Charles George VA Medical Center in Asheville, NC.

Do you have a story or inspiration?

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