These two video demos show how I create an Earthtoon.

Video 1 is the inking process, tracing over a rough sketch of the concept.

Video 2 is the coloring process. I use water color paints on a bond paper copy mounted on

foam board.

Have you ever wondered how someone got to be who they are? Just look at what they did as a child. I believe most of us acted out our career dreams through play. Of course I've stretched things a little bit, but it's OK; I have an artistic license; however, it has been revoked several times--just kidding.


Some people ask: What's so funny? I say, life. The inspiration for many of these cartoons comes from ordinary situations or events. It's hard to explain what goes on in my brain. Images pop up

in my imagination and I jot them down on paper.
 I also get many ideas from family and friends. It's amazing, they look at some of

my drawings and it gets their humorous, creative juices flowing.

Let's get serious for a moment. Saving our planet Earth is no joke and I believe catching someones attention with a humorous cartoon can be a cleaver way to get a point across. I have always had a passion for protecting our environment and it struck me one day to use this medium to address the critical issues: Global Warming, Loss of Habitat, Pollution, Forest Fires, Extinction...the list goes on.

I volunteer at Wild for Life in Asheville, NC. They are a volunteer, non profit center that rehabilitates wildlife and provides education. I work there repairing cages, general care taking, cleaning cages and feeding our ambassador birds. As of late I have been assisting in the nursery taking care of injured animals and helping with their education programs. It is very rewarding. I've done drawings of some of their ambassador birds. We sell prints to raise funds for the center. These education birds have injuries that prevent them from being released back to the wild. Wild for Life is dedicated to getting animals back into the environment and between 75 and 80 percent of the injured animals we get into the center are rereleased.

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I love Asheville, NC.  This is such a creative and energetic place. I find many things that make great subject matter.