The Ultimate Dive Boat

The Ultimate Dive Boat is a fantasy concept I designed for a Technical Diving School. I was inspired by the Jacques Cousteau documentaries I watched when I was a kid.

The fascinating story behind this design, along with many other interesting Spotlight Projects from my career, can be found on my educational website gallery pages.

The Stories Behind the Art

​Hi, This is a showcase of some of the unique projects I have recently been involved with. You can also find stories from projects from the past several years at my educational website gallery- Spotlight Projects

Welcome Home

This painting was conceived as a result of a dream I had involving a Vietnam War veteran with PTSD

(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). The morning after this dream its affects lingered with me and while reading my emails I got a note from my friend Joe. Joe happens to be a Marine who served in the war and works with vets suffering from PTSD. Trusting the synchronicities of life, I took this as a sign and asked Joe if he would like to collaborate together on a project. He got back to me right away and we immediately got to work. Joe developed the concept for the image and I developed the composition. After bouncing rough sketches back and forth to him and his wife Nancy, I proceeded with the painting. It was truly an honor to work with Joe on this message of compassion and healing.
 I have donated limited edition prints to the organization Joe works with,
 The Warrior Connection
 to help raise funds for their programs for vets with PTSD.
 Thanks to all the men and women who have served this country, past and present. 

My wish is for peace for all.


A print of this painting is on display at the VA center in Asheville, NC in the Community Living Center

Tipping Point
My intention for this image is to bring awareness to the animals on the endangered species list. These are just 17 (including man) of the dozens and dozens. For the most part every creature is at risk. I put "us"

at the center as we play the major part in controlling that delicate balance.

Showcase Gallery

Hollywood comes to Delray Beach

​The story behind this project involves Kidnapping, extortion and explosions. Intrigued?


Many of my ideas for an image evolve during times when I am alone and my mind is engaged in critical thought. The world and its many diverse cultures are in a troubled state. I frequently think about the hardships of others.

My intention for this painting was a message of compassion and empathy.
I realize it is impossible to know exactly what it feels like to be in another’s shoes especially since I haven’t lived their life. I have never been hungry and without shelter, not had access to fresh water, been without shoes or warm clothes, been a soldier, persecuted, discriminated against or in fear on a daily basis. None the less, I try to feel into the heart of those in challenging situations. Your thoughts?