Being able to visualize your ideas in 3D can be a valuable skill for the architect or designer. This clinic is will to give you the tools to understand linear perspective and apply it quickly and effectively to your designs and ideas with freehand sketching and color.

​Whether you are new to perspective drawing or just need a refresher, I would love to bring this workshop to your office. 


Please look for info when this class will be offered in the future.

Perspective Theory for Artists to help you understand how to apply perspective to your images. I take old school theory and apply it to new school techniques. This workshop is interactive and lots of fun.

This workshop is held at Zapow Art Gallery in downtown Asheville, NC several times a year.

​I can also bring this clinic to your organization by appointment.

​For more Info or a date for the next workshop please contact Jim Stilwell

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Story Art is being offered to Veterans. The class is currently in session at the Charles George VA Medical Center in Asheville, NC.

For more Info please contact me.

Workshops for

Architects and Artists

For more information on Quick & Easy Architectural Sketching Techniques Workshop please contact Jim Stilwell 

While learning perspective theory and perspective drawing, we will cover the basics of one, two and three point perspective. We will develop quick freehand skills and photo-perspective and photography to incorporate perspective into images and designs. We will emphasize working from the imaginative world while we demystify and simplify perspective and make art and designs technically accurate and pleasing to the eye. Materials fee: Less than $10 for a sketch book, pencils, eraser and tracing paper.
Jim Stilwell ( has worked as an architectural illustrator and artist since 1978 with a successful association with architects, designers, ad agencies and corporations. Currently

semi-retired and engaged in architectural projects as well as fine arts, Jim enjoys teaching workshops and mentoring through his educational website.